CC Welcome to Carriercomp - CC.

Please read and understand the following details carefully!

We no longer invoice months in advance of delivery. We achieved this by halting online payment services which only allowed 30 days to process the transaction. Our new process allows the customer to place an order as before, then when the merchandise is ready to ship we will call for payment, which is a better way to do business.

The current ETA's/lead times for mag-tube orders, while still fluid, are 20 to 45 days.

Carriercomp would like to express sincere gratitude for our customer's continued loyalty. While our shop cadence often prevents us from being near the phone, we strive to answer email inquiries as able, in an effort to balance production with contact and support for efficient customer satisfaction. Although our crew is small, each member cherishes hearing from and responding to our customers before, during, and after any transaction consideration. Your patience and loyalty has enabled us to continue operating under a "lean" business model, and explore efficient growth potential, without having to wield premium retail pricing in the process. Again, Thank You.


All inquiries are handled via email to prevent spending excessive production time on the phone.

Please note Firearms are ONLY sent to licensed FFL dealers. No exceptions.